To place an order, we need some information from you to process the order. 


Details for export orders: 


- Is it a full or empty container? 

- Is it customs or community goods? 

- Does the container have to be weighed? 

- Indication of the loading points  

- Specification of the loading numbers 

- Information about the shipowner and/or rail operator 

- Information about container size, container type and additional services 

- Date of presentation 

- net weight 

- Information about the country of origin and destination of the container 

- Information about the goods: packaging, quantity, description of goods 


Additional information for import orders: 


- Indication of the container number 

- Specification of the seal number 


You can also create orders, if you are missing data. These are then saved as "drafts".

You can then complete these drafts as soon as you have all the missing data.